Let everyday be a fashion show and the world be your runway!

2 hrs. /$300

As a fashion stylist, I’ll show you exactly how to produce a whole new way of creating content that will have everyone wanting more. Creating the most memorable moments that speaks volumes on every level. Bringing out style that reflects your unique qualities as well as your purpose, so you look and feel like the women you are!


Fashion and function with a purpose!
5 hrs. /$900

As a Personal Stylist, I’ll show you exactly how to create a whole new way of dressing that reflects your unique qualities and your brand, so you look and feel like the expert and leader you are!

Our sessions begin with 2hrs. of "Blind Styling". During this call, we’ll determine the style, colors and shapes that align with your brand and/or personality. We’ll also determine the message you want to convey about your image. After the call, we’ll meet for 1hr. and you'll shop with me virtually from your closet or in person. Next, we'll meet for 1hr. putting together looks for every occasion you may have. It may be for business, evening events or even just everyday functional looks.

Lastly, we'll meet for our last 1hr. session to completely revamp your closet so, you don't have the worry of "what to wear" just pull and go. You’ll know exactly what to wear and you’ll look and feel great in your clothes. You’ll gain skills and confidence that will last a lifetime!